• Image of Dotabata "Between Brightness"

Length: C4x2
Tape: Ferric
Leader: None
Shell: Clear with Grey reel hubs
Case: Double Clear/Black Jewel
Catalogue: CAN-082
Edition: 5
Package: Fold out obi-strip.

Fleeting is that which is not...

Dotabata is the textural analog electronics project of Carey Knight.
On this recording eclectic blasts of field recordings, modular synthesiser, tape manipulation and primitive electronics...

Track Listing:
Tape 1: Prehistoric
A1: Tools of the middle Palaeolithic
B2: Bones, antlers and wood
B3 The Neolothis people who occupied
B4: "political vocabulary"

Tape 2: ancient science
C5: Analogous applications
D6: The simplicity in symbolism
D7: all the thought has been

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