• Image of SR & LG / MM & CK
  • Image of SR & LG / MM & CK

Length: C37
Tape: Ferric
Leader: Clear
Shell: Metallic Silver
Case: Clear Jewel
Catalogue: CAN-085
Edition: 35
Package: Individualised fold out cover.

Other worlds can be reached, when you give up trying...

Two live collaborations of Modular synthesiser and Percussion:

SR & LG is Stevie Richards and Llara Goodall.

Stevie Richards; a multi instrumentalist veteran of the Melbourne music scene in this iteration masterfully commands otherworldly timbres from a single panel of DIY Serge modular.

Llara Goodall; Best known for her drum and tape mastery in Smash Tennis and mega mash-up boys2mencore Llara Isabell Arena. In this outing she abstractly compliments and converses with Stevies synth orchestrations with drum kit and junk percussion.

MM & CK is Michael McNab and Carey Knight.

Michael McNab; accomplished multi-genre over achiever Michael outpours delicate found percussion and diverse drum kit percussions.

Carey Knight leaves the harsh (well most of it) at home, instead squeezing varied modular ramblings in the mode of the west coast pioneers.

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